Re-Manufactured Forklift Engine Core Policy

Note: We are the only forklift engine supplier that does NOT charge you an up-front core charge.

Note: We pay core return shipping, not our customers. We will schedule and pay for core return shipping.

1. Core Engine MUST Be Returned Within 45 Days of Receipt of Reman Engine or Full Core Amount Will Be Charged to Your Card.
2. The Core MUST Be in Re-Buildable Condition & The Crankshaft Must Be Able to Rotate 360 Degrees Front and Rear.
3. Like Engine MUST Be Returned for Like Engine. Same Model, Same Specs.
4. Engine Must Be Drained of All Fluids or a $75.00 Charge Will Apply.
5. Engine Cores With Damaged Components Will Be Subject to Additional Charges.
6. Engine Cores Returned Disassembled Will Be Subject to Additional Charges.

Please call 888-624-1101 if you have any questions or need any clarification.

By being honest and upfront with your current engine condition, we can make you aware of any potential core deductions charges and in some cases, avoid these charges altogether. Please speak with your account representative or call 888-624-1101 to speak with an engine technician if you have any questions. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!


It is always a good idea to determine what caused your engine to fail in the first place, in order to avoid a repeat engine failure and to ensure warranty coverage on the replacement engine.