Magna Engines Re-Manufactured Engine Warranty

Sec 1. Magna Engines (a division of Magna Source Inc) warrants all our remanufactured engines for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of delivery, to be free from defective parts and/or workmanship, provided that all installation and break-in guidelines were/are followed, and that the engine has been serviced regularly in accordance with the OEM service guidelines. If the engine has not been properly installed, broken in, serviced, or maintained, the Warranty will be void. This Warranty shall not apply to any engine that has been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, or to any engine subjected to operations causing greater than normal wear and tear. Furthermore, engine failures caused by failed external components, not originally included with the remanufactured engine, will not be covered under this Warranty. Melted or removed Heat Tabs will void any warranty consideration.  Oil leaks are covered for 90 days from the date of invoice.  

Sec 2. Provided that the above conditions are met, Magna Engines (a division of Magna Source Inc) hereby agrees to pay for replacement parts and labor sufficient to return the covered engine to normal operating condition or, at our sole discretion, repair the engine ourselves, or hire a repair tech of our choosing, or replace the engine with a like make/model remanufactured engine. In the event of a covered engine failure, CONTACT your Sales Representative immediately at . DO NOT attempt to repair or disassemble the engine without first notifying Magna Engines/Magna Source Inc. and obtaining Warranty Repair Authorization. Doing so may void the Warranty.

Sec 2a. Magna Engines/Magna Source Inc, upon approving a valid warranty claim, will reimburse the customer upto but not exceeding $500 to be used towards labor and rental downtime.

Sec 3. Under no circumstances will Magna Engines, Magna Source Inc, or any of our suppliers, vendors, associates, or representatives be responsible for down time, lost income, travel time, rental reimbursement, diagnostic time, theft, fire, vandalism, acts of God, or any other claim arising from a covered engine failure except as outlined above in Section 1, 2 & 2a.

Under NO circumstance will Magna Engines/Magna Source warranty liability exceed the original purchase price of the engine + the cost of shipping + $500 USD for reimbursements.

We use the best quality German sourced components and we offer the highest quality remanufactured forklift engines in North America. Our engines are built to last!

Warranty claims and engine failures are exceedingly rare, and we will work with you to keep it that way.

​Again, if you are unsure of anything, please call us directly at 833-373-3448.

Thank you!